Wine (English)

  • A glass of wine is fine from time to time…

During the holidays one can and should be allowed to have a good time. After all the hardships and waive over the years one must also treat oneself to a glass of wine during the holidays. Whether for an aperitif, dinner or as a nightcap, a glass of wine is part of it.

Culturing of wine as a beverage is firmly anchored in our society since ancient times. The ancient Greeks considered wine as an object of religious veneration and also a symbol of culture.

Whether in religion, art or literature, wine has been an integral part of social rituals for thousands of years. Over the millennia, the art of cultivation and care of the grapes has been perfected and this brings excellent droplets on the table today.

The taste of the wine depends on the particular variety and the structure and texture of soils. Soils with a high content of limestone produce wines with finesse, which also improve even further in taste over the years, because of storage. Vines that grow on clay soil produce wines with a strong aroma. Important in the cultivation of vines is, next to the texture of the soil, the balanced moisture. Depending on the natural hydration in the respective growing area, the drainage capacity of the soil is of great importance.

Due to the natural and man made targeted crossing and selection, different grape varieties have been created over the millennia. Out of more than 20,000 known varieties, one thousand different grapes for winemaking are now approved. The complex aroma of wine is made up of over a thousand different components and depend on the particular variety. The soil in which the vines grow, and the grape harvest by hand are of significant importance when it comes to development of aroma.

Enjoy the perfect wine to dinner at our hotel, as an aperitif or just for fun. The wide range of different wines will guarantee the appropriate enjoyment for every occasion.